My travels in the beginning – Crete pt 2


So we spent  our days here


and our nights here


Crete was the most romantic place to have a honeymoon we laid on the beach all day and drank cocktails looking out on the Aegean Sea all night

We went to Malia one day to have a look around as we were not 18 when we went we had seen a lot about it on the television watching Greece uncovered etc. which had featured Malia  at the time and were more than curious to see if it was like the media had portrayed it as you know you cant believe everything you read or see in the media

In this case you really could it was exactly how it was shown in the media.  We walked down the main strip in Malia, we had gone during the day but had expected not to see much trace of the night before or the night to come. How wrong we were!

It was like the day and night were all rolled into one the girls from the bars were still handing out shots and the revellers were still revelling although they were still dressed in the clothes they had on the night before there was still a couple of them with additions to the outfits they left the hotels in for example the lad walking down the strip with his leg bandaged up to the knee or the other one with a bandaged head, they must of had a great night to end up with such injuries lol!

As we headed further down the strip we saw more injured revellers, we finally reached the beach and the beach was like a small strip of sand with beds practically touching each other but this did not seem to bother anyone, personally i like a bit of room to myself when i am on the beach.

We found a spot on the beach with a bit of breathing space and a gorgeous view of the sea no one in front of us… Great you think to yourself …… no …….

Our peace and beautiful view was completely ruined by an old  woman who thought it appropriate to move here nicely lined lounger in front of us and then continued to bend over in what i can only describe as a provocative bending over action right in front of us (personally i think she was trying to entice my new husband with her leather backside lol! )

After this i was a bit jealous some one had already tried to steal my husband so we left (only kidding)

We did leave but only cos i would of lost my dinner if we stayed and the bus was due to take us back to our hotel.  We went back to get ready for our usual night out hotel – shower –  afternoon nap – bus to Hersonissos – food then the best part of the night – the cocktails and the view of the sea and the boats, the marina and the passing life, we sat and watched it all happening right before our very eyes – all the people, they were such friendly locals, so welcoming, so helpful, it was warm the bars had so many cocktails we had to try as many as we could obviously we were on holiday.

After a couple more cocktails more than we should of drunk and a taxi ride back to the hotel to see our favorite hotel owner and his home made Raki (a traditional Greek drink we were told)  he always insisted we had a shot glass of it with him and another cocktail to wash it down.  We would sit in the hotel outside bar with the owner and his family and any other patrons he had not got smashed already this particular night we had a drink when this insect i can only describe as a mini helicopter hit my husband on the head skimmed across his head and landed in his drink WOW… thought i was hallucinating from the Raki but no it was true it was the biggest bug i had seen and gross

After that i had to go to bed i could not drink another drop

More about our holiday experiences to come ……..


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