Travel Tales

Since I met my husband I well we have been all over on holiday and I want to tell you all about all of the experiences we have had. I was looking at some of the photos we have taken and I am quite amazed by some of the things we have done. Things I would never believe I would do, go walking through the rainforest, swim in the Pacific Ocean, ride some of the biggest and scariest rollercoasters I have ever seen.

So I thought I would make a list of the things we have done and write blogs about each of them (maybe get some of my Instagram & Twitter followers to say which ones they would like to hear first)

So we begin with the list:

Swam in the a cenote (sink hole) in Mexico

Swam in the Pacific through a cave to a bombed beach

Walked through the rain forest (Sierra Madre) in Mexico

Went on a jeep water fight in Turkey

Boat trip from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura and Los Lobos to see the volcanos and the blue lagoon

Day trip to Malia and Heraklion In Crete, Greece

Ibiza, San Antonio trip down the strip

Boat trip to Saona Island in the Caribbean Dominican Republic

Trip the see local life in The Dominican Republic

Belgium Ferry trip complete with horse and cart ride, canal trip and trip round he local brewery and beer museum

Tenerife The beach and the night life (what more can I say)

America Universal Studios

America Disney World First time on the big rollercoasters AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

Miami See the sights, the Boat trip to star island off Only fools and Horses “Alright Bazza How deep is your love”, Dash ( Kardashian Shop) and South beach

Clearwater The beach (voted the best beach In America) and it was amazing even with sunstroke

America Disney World round 2 more rollercoasters more times ( I am so brave) plus Pandora inc. Avatar (WOW!)

So please comment below or on Instagram & Twitter which experience you would like to hear about first……

Thanks See you all again soon….




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