Theo’s Tiki Bar

Before – Dog Pen                    After – Theo’s Tiki Bar

So we were at home thinking about what we could do to improve the garden area at the end if the garden (previously it had been a dog pen) and it was not pretty well unless you think pretty awful.

Should we pull it down and grass over the end of the garden.. maybe should we build a raised flower bed .. maybe then it came to us.

We don’t go out much unless we are on holiday and our favourite place when we go out is to the beach and pool bars in the Caribbean or generally any where we go to be honest. If there is a beach and a bar that’s were we are going on a night.

So we decided we were going to build a Tiki Bar in our garden…….. So it began

It took us about 3 months to finish but was it worth it YES!!!!!!!!

We started with the old dog pen – first job tearing that down, we left the shell up as it was solid but had the replace the floor roof and front.

First we laid a floor, we used pre-treated chipboard for the floor and painted it a nice bright tropical colour


For the internal wall covering we used rolls of bamboo to cover the old panel garage which made up the main 3 walls. This looked quite effective immediately changed the look of dog pen to having potential to be the beginning of a Tiki Bar.

We had seen some different types of bar when we were on holiday and we had researched online for more ideas and information, we had what we wanted in the back of our minds, with Chris building and me designing we knew it would be great if we just took our time. So we did 3 months.

We had the beginning of our bar (well  the framework and floor) We needed a bar to go in the bar! Where would we get this from??.  We made it from old pallets (we made most of the bar from reclaimed wood, pallets and anything else we could recycle)


We put pallets around the front and sides of the framework and then added a palm tree fringe roof inside for the extra tropical effect, we were really impressed with ourselves by this point as we did not think it would look this good this early on in the project as we still had so far to go with it.IMG_1399

After this point we started thinking about the end product and the opening party we were going to have, we chose bright colours to put in the inside but never really thought about the design we thought it would be better to “wing it” with the paint and we were glad we did when the inspiration came it kind of turned into a sea and sky effect (totally unintentionally) IMG_1545 - Copy

Well this just leaves the design and the outside (toilets included) to go so please pop back tomorrow for the finished item ……

41 thoughts on “Theo’s Tiki Bar”

      1. Wow thank you so much for this you post is amazing and your tiki bar I have no words I love it I have had loads of nee ideas for our bar from your pics thanks WOW xx I could carry on saying wow lol xx my mind is truly blown xx


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