Instagram – Hull the town I live in! Welcomes Banksy

Wow I love living in Hull

I was born here and have seen so much happen here

There has been so much press about the Banksy visit the discovery and then subsequent destruction of the bridge graffiti

Thankfully we had a decent enough town and people to save what most people think is a good thing for the city “a tourist attraction” if you will I am not sure but as far as I am concerned this is an amazing addition to our already great art and culture revival happening in Hull recently.

People have wrote Hull off for so long but it has not really changed just seems like it has been brought back to life and I hope we can continue to keep Hull alive #keephullalive

At last the council are doing something about it but we need ideas for a permanent solution to the preservation of Banksy’ bridge #banksybridge why not comment below any ideas you have and we can get them to Hull City Council as I see it the public have usually come up with better ideas for the town’s they live in so #getinvolvedinhull

Let’s all help each other ….

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