The Go To Girls Blog Loves Amsterdam…..

If you read my blogs regularly you will know Chris and I went to Amsterdam for four nights and managed to fit a lot into those days.  On the last day we thought we would go and get some photos around some of the touristy places.  On the list was the museum quarter as there is an Amsterdam sign that seems to create a lot of photo opportunities.  What do you think of our video?

What should we do next?  We were going to go to Madame Tussauds so off we went on the tram.  We arrived at Dam Square and made our way to the wax works but there was quite a big queue and we had again not pre-booked.  We did not want to push our luck as we had been lucky all throughout this trip, especially getting Anne Frank tickets.  Just down the road from Madame Tussauds was the Amsterdam Dungeon.  img_20180912_1833458759062369470916721.jpgChris and I thought this was going to be similar to Madame Tussauds, you know walk in, walk around and see stuff!  How wrong we were. Amsterdam Dungeon turned out to be a lot more fun that either of us anticipated.  The fun began before we even got into the actual dungeon.

We went to the door and asked if there were tickets so we could go in straight away.  Yes was the answer.  Great we replied and off we went.  In front of us were two young girls who asked if they could use the bathroom.  They were directed towards the bathroom through a door.  Shortly after the door closed I followed.  I opened the door to hear the same two girls screaming.  Are you ok I asked.  Oh yes we thought you were part of the show and was coming to get us!!! This is actually the real toilets and the dungeon is not down here I laughed.  We all went about our business and returned up the stairs and were directed to a small room.  img_20180912_183417571126150257691860.jpgWait here said the guide.  We subsequently were shown through a number of different rooms all with a performance by one of the cast members, telling the next instalment of the story.  It was both hilarious and slightly scary.  For me my highlight of the experience was in one of the rooms the lady approached Chris asking him if he liked her tights.  One thing about my husband is he is quite outgoing but where women are concerned he is quite shy.  The look on his face was priceless.

When she started raising her dress he started getting really embarrassed but the best bit was, walking through into the next room followed by Chris.  He came over to me and said she just spanked me with her paddle.  I literally nearly wet my pants I laughed so hard.  I think for Chris his favourite part was them all burning me at the stake as I am a witch.  I will explain for context.  We were in another room and the guide asked who was a witch, I volunteered (stupidly)

He came over to me and sniffed me, yes you are come with me.  From here he tied me to a stake and set (fake) fire to me.  Asked if I had any final words for the people who were about to burn me at the stake naturally I cursed them all.  Then I was burned to death. img_20180912_183406128814469202643889.jpg After I came back to life (I am a witch after all)  and was given a certificate of witchcraft. img_20180912_1834265747323721915685303.jpg I followed the group out and told them all I am back LOL!  By the time the tour ended it was time to go back to the hotel and pick up our luggage to go to the airport  and finally our trip was over.  But one thing we can always say…..img_20180912_1833373116383242583156827.jpg

The Go To Girls Blog loves Amsterdam so thanks everyone who made this trip happen.

More reasons to love being me…..

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The Go To Girls Blog Loves Ajax, Chris & Amsterdam………


Well that’s not strictly true, I love Amsterdam and I love Chris but football stadiums…. Not so much!  However Chris loves football and I promised if we ever went anywhere that had a stadium and we had the chance to go, I would go with him.  He does so much for me, how could I say no.  This blog is co-written by me and Chris, as you know I don’t have a clue when it comes to football.  I agreed to write this blog as we visited this stadium so could not miss it out but only with Chris for the football technicalities.  LOL!

We were at The Anne Frank Museum and then we were heading off to the Johan Cruijff Stadium.  This was one of the four original tickets we booked before we left the UK.  We jumped on the first tram going in the direction of Amsterdam Central Station, where we could get the train directly to the Stadium.

We arrived in about twenty minutes so all in all not a long trip, which is good.  Amsterdam is a very accessible place and has the best travel links.  We walked to the front entrance to the reception area to get our tour tickets and were directed to an area which was the entry to the stadium.

The tour began in the dressing rooms of the away teams.  From there we moved to the media area, this is where the team are interviewed before and after the game. 54138B1D-448A-4F1B-A6A7-0036AE1EBEFA Next was out onto the sides of the pitch.

I can remember looking out over the vast area we were stood in, thinking how massive this place is and how many people it would take to fill it as our home team Hull City KCOM Stadium has a capacity of 25,500 people and this was huge compared to it seating 53,748 according to Chris and his massive sports memory bank.  (Plus google a bit LOL!)  We were not allowed on the pitch itself which I find disappointing but there is a reason why? So it does not get damaged!!  OK I see this!

From here we went to the home teams dug out!! This is where the players sit while the game is playing for those of you who like me don’t have a clue about things like this.  Then to the away teams dugout, just next to each other.  We were directed inside to watch a short video showing how it is possible for the stadium to be prepared for a concert.  They actually take up the turf and then relay after they concert has finished.  It is beyond fascinating to watch the whole process on fast forward.  From memory it took two or maybe three days from start to finish.

Next was a climb to the top of the stairs on the stand for a seat in the press area, and an amazing view across the stadium.

We went to the press conference room for a picture opportunity.  This is where the managers give the pre and post match interviews.

Next was a quick look at the cctv room. (very important for the security of the stadium and the fans)  img_20180802_1425073256461041299194869.jpgThen onto the trophy room where Chris spent an age looking at all of the trophies Ajax have won including the European Cups and domestic trophies.

Finally there was a Wall of Fame which is a row of seats and above these are the names of past players of the team.  97A97734-5923-4592-BEF7-2D2549A70008We said our goodbyes and thanks to the guide and headed off.  For one last photo opportunity outside was a statue of Bobby Haarms who is Dutch professional football player and coach.

So I left with one very happy husband and so as always still loving being me!

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The Go To Girls Blog Goes Over The Edge…….

img_20180904_1841364971256685304141673.jpgI almost forgot to tell you about this trip we went to do this one after the Secret Sender Scavenger Hunt.  I am glad I did not forget as this was one of the craziest things Chris and I have done.  Well maybe not for Chris but this was taking my fear of heights to another level.  Imagine you are about 22 stories high and then you get on a swing which hangs over the edge of the building.   What ? I hear you ask, yes you did hear right we were going to the A’dam Lookout  in Amsterdam.  Believe me this is not for the faint hearted.  img_20180904_1841031292408441598541127.jpg

We had been on the Hunt for the Secret Sender during the day and thought we deserved a treat so booked tickets for the A’dam Lookout.  If you have not heard of A’DAM LOOKOUT — It is a 22-story-high observation tower with 360-degree views of the city.

We arrived at Central Station and as usual asked the very friendly locals how we get to the A’dam Lookout.  We were directed to a tunnel, walk through there and get the ferry across to the other side of the River Amstel.  This was the quickest ferry ride we have ever had.  It takes about five minutes to cross the river and the ferries come every five to ten minutes.  On the other side of the Amstel it was a five-minute walk to the tower.  The path was lined  with small art installations, which made the walk even nicer.  You can see some of them in the photos below.

We entered the tower and were directed around to have a couple of photo opportunities.

Basically you are in a room with a metal girder and you have to decide how you would like your photos to be taken.  Some people just sat on the girder.  Not us we thought we would use our imagination as we discovered whatever your pose the end photo appears as if you are hanging hundreds of feet above Amsterdam on a metal girder.


See what you think of the photos, we had a lot of fun making these.  Obviously we were going to do something random.  Then it was time to move on to the 360 degree view deck, this is all glass with absolutely amazing views of this city.  You must have a look all around as there is so much to see out of all of the windows.  Have a look at the video of the ferries and people from the top of the tower on Chris’s YouTube channel Travels of a Tiger The people look like ants.  It is so funny to watch them.

Then came the time for us to go on the swing, Over The Edge.  OMG I was so scared when we got on this swing I was literally rigid in my seat.  They took a video of us while we were on it.  Check it out here You can see the fear in my face while Chris is moving around on the swing, looking all around, I am sat perfectly still.  At this point I am absolutely terrified BUT I am not a chicken and I have to at least try to conquer my fear of heights.

Not doing too good at the moment as everything I go on that is high I close my eyes.  Although if I go on something enough I eventually get used to it like the rollercoasters at Disney and eventually ride them with my eyes open.  Surely this must count for something.  I am going to say it does!  Anyway after that ride from my nightmares Chris took me for a well-earned glass of something alcoholic to settle my nerves after my brave deed.


Well that was another one-off my list of stupid things to do and I survived.

I am still loving being me, just a bit shakier lol!

As always thanks for reading my adventures of love, life, family and travel.

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The Go To Girls Blog meets Anne Frank…….

img_20180731_180702-16922677490409827924.jpgAs you know we were in Amsterdam and we had to visit Anne Franks House. We said we were going to book tickets before we went but when it came to it we forgot and thought it would be fine, we can book them when we get there. How wrong we were! We were near Anne Franks House on one of the other trips we booked so we popped to see if we could get tickets on the door. Er no! you can’t! they are all taken!. I thought we could try to book them on the internet on my phone. Again, no they were sold out for all the days we were in Amsterdam. Nooooooooooo!? Why didn’t we book them while we were at home?  Well that is a lesson learned?  I guess we are not going to Anne Franks House.

Then it happened, what I hear you ask?  I overheard someone say ‘they release 20% of tickets every day and if you want tickets go on the internet in the early morning and you might get tickets.  Ok that’s what we will be doing tomorrow morning.  The next morning came and as soon as I opened my eyes I went straight on the internet to Anne Franks House website and I am in the queue number 278………  Chris did the same in the queue 305…..  I said we should keep both of us in the queue and see which one of us if any can get tickets.  As it went down and down we got closer to discovering if we were going to get tickets.

img_20180731_180628-15618780604682060257.jpgFinally I got to the website put in my day and time and did we get tickets? did you guess correctly?  No! They sold out.  Chris got to the website and BINGO we got tickets…….. But they were for an hours time and we were at the other side of Amsterdam and had not even got ourselves out of bed yet as we had been trying to get the tickets.   Now we were on a timescale and the clock was ticking.   We got showered and dressed in record time and without breakfast dashed out of the hotel toward the tram.  The tram came, can you direct us to the Anne Frank House on trams please.

img_20180801_133446-14335750456538155127.jpgYes you need to get this tram for 10 stops and then change and go for another 6 stops (roughly) and you will be across the road from the Anne Frank House.  How long will this take? we asked.  About forty-five minutes said the tram driver.  Great we have fifty minutes until our ticket time.  We finally made it with minutes to spare.  We queued and finally walked into the museum.  I say museum as they have kind of attached a museum to the side of the house so you enter through a museum and make your way through into the Anne Frank House following a route starting on the bottom floor of the house almost at the front door.

I have to apologise for the lack of photos of the this trip specifically as we were not allowed to take photos in the house.

img-20180830-wa00015967526970878024578.jpgAlthough I had to at least sneak one or two, naughty but necessary!  We started as I said at the front door.  Just an old front door of an old house.  Just like you will have seen a dozen times.  img-20180830-wa00008044189963903845348.jpgLeading off them was a staircase, quite steep but a plain old staircase.  At the top of these stairs was another set of steps, even steeper, leading higher.  We reached the top of the second set of stairs was a short hallway leading to a room and all it contained was a bookcase.  That’s what the Germans thought.  Behind that bookcase was a whole world.  Anne Franks whole world.  Behind the book-case was another house of sorts and this was the house that Anne Frank and her family spent the almost all of the last years of her very short life.

img_20180802_1233555365141248310823937.jpgWe have all heard the story about the little girl locked away in a house during the war writing her diary which was later found and published by her father after her death in a prisoner of war camp.  I don’t proclaim to know all the facts of the story as I have not yet read her diary so as always bare with me if my writing is not always historically accurate.   So we entered behind the book-case into another world,  Into another time.  This was a time we can only imagine the horrors people had to suffer.  The house was laid out like any other house, only it was empty.  All the rooms were there but the furniture was missing and the family was missing.

We walked past where the family ate, slept and lived.  It was very sad and quite haunting, to think we were walking in the footsteps of Anne and her family.  We had headphones on throughout the tour telling us various details of the different rooms we were in and what they were used for but the one room which sticks out in my mind and will live with me forever was the attic.  We were not allowed in the attic but there was a strategically placed mirror which reflected into the attic.  In this mirror you could see out of a window into the world.  The tape said this is where Anne spent most of her time and this was where she wrote the most of her diaries as well as some other pieces of literature she wrote.

This got me thinking about Anne, how she could spend all that time locked away and document her time like that.  What spirit must this young girl have had, what courage for such a short life.  All I kept thinking was what it said on the tape, ‘Anne used to sit looking out at the sky and this was the only glimpse of life outside the four walls of her prison she was able to see for the time she was hold up in this house’.  It was really good walking around the house of Anne Frank but I felt like I made a connection with her not her house, almost like her shadows were still in the house.  If you ever have the chance to go you must go here if it is the only thing you do when you are in Amsterdam.  It will challenge everything you think you have suffered through life and lets you know you are the lucky one no matter your suffering.

Very humbly loving being me……

Thanks for reading……

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The Go To Girls Blog & The Secret Sender….

Our second day in Amsterdam we had booked something a little different. While looking on Viator for trips we came across The Mystery of the Secret Sender. This is a kind of scavenger hunt across Amsterdam. You meet a stranger he gives you a locked box and a book. From here you are on your own. Solve the first clue, open the first lock, repeat until you have opened all five locks and solved the Mystery of the Secret Sender.img_20180801_1049522359556386609083522.jpg

I know it sounds corny but if like Chris and I you like a good mystery where you are the detective you will love this trip. We met the stranger at the main monument in Dam Square. We did not know how to recognise him and there were several trips all leaving at the same time. It was then we spotted a man with a red feather in his hand and a bag over his shoulder. He had to be the stranger. We approached him and introduced ourselves, we had the right man. He quickly explained the rules of the mystery gave us the bag, pointed us in the direction of the first clue and off he went. img-20180806-wa00117620644248051344355.jpgHe disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. Off we went eager and excited for the mystery we had just entered. Inside the bag was a crude map with a couple of street names and a line drawn, which we were to follow. We figured out roughly where we needed to be and with a bit of help from a passing local set of towards point one on the map. It turns out it was a church in the heart of the red light district. I heard there was a church in the red light district but I presume the church was here long before the red light district came about. img_20180801_1320262182556326843427682.jpgI am not sure it is right to have the two things in such close proximity to each other but I suppose the church has for a long time tried to save lost souls. According to the clue book, we were to find four clues around a church and they would lead us to the numbers of the first lock on the box. After some investigation, we began locating the clues and therefore the numbers. Obviously, we can not give you the answers or locations of the clues as then you would have no need to do the trip your selves and we could not deprive you of such a fun activity. img_20180801_1049565618099169366205599.jpg

We were quite quick finding the first set of clues and thought we were great detectives and then we set of in search of the second locks clues and the location. When we opened the first lock we were so happy and really excited for the rest of the rest of the trip. img_20180801_110345-11796215442448912490.jpgThis is were it all went Pete Tong (wrong).

We actually got lost trying to find every single location left on the map and it was truly by the kind hearted locals we found each and every one of the remaining four locations.

The second location was a tower again with a list of puzzles to solve around the area.  We had to call the stranger for a clue at this point as we just could not figure out this clue.  It turns out we just had the clues in the wrong order and if we had them correct they would spell out the numbers we needed for the second lock.  Aaaaarrrggghhh!!!

It seemed so simple when he told us we needed to spell out the numbers and we finally worked it out and that was lock number two open Yeh!!img_20180801_114620-1623616426546550174.jpg

The third location turned out to be a museum, oh yes there are lots of museums in Amsterdam so have fun trying to figure out this one.  We must of passed this street five times before we found it.  Our feet were already killing by this time so when we did find this location all we could do was sit and have a break and a drink.  The clues for this set of numbers were relatively easy to decipher, we spent more time finding the location on this one.  Third lock open.img_20180801_1241436236425176591404641.jpg

The forth location was a row of houses, yep you heard me right.  A row of houses!??? As you know in Amsterdam you don’t see many rows of houses…… Every street has rows and rows and rows of houses and everyone of these houses are different.  You get the wrong street, you get the wrong side of the street, you get the wrong bridge…….. OMG!!  How are we ever going to find this one.  I very politely showed my old map to a very lovely local man who took us to the actual location on the map.  I actually don’t know how we would have found this one without help.  Tip…… If you do this trip don’t be afraid to ask the locals for a bit of help.  They are lovely…….. and very helpful, thankfully.  Forth lock open. One to go…..img_20180801_130859-13211458020395365581.jpg

The fifth and last location was another church, yes there are quite a few churches in Amsterdam as well as museums.  This was the killer puzzle and we had one thing against us from the start, the lock on the box was dodgy.  The final set of puzzles were hard and I have to admit we ‘googled’ .  We had too these puzzles were killer and we solved a couple of them but even after ‘googling’ we still did not have the answers so we did what we always do we researched and when all else fails, we asked a local.

Turns out he was a tour guide and knew quite a bit about the final church.  We were so grateful I really could have kissed this stranger for helping us out.  We finally figured out the last code or so we thought but even when we did finally think we had the correct answer the lock would not open.  We called the stranger explained what was happening and told him what we though it was the correct answer.  Well you are right he replied.  We can’t open the last lock.  You have the correct answer so it must open the lock.  We tried again and again and finally the last lock opened.   Fifth and final lock opened.

img_20180801_142219-13710098314551188732.jpgWe were so happy and then inside was the final puzzle was there inside the box.  We can finally find out the puzzle we had been searching across Amsterdam to find out…..

Who was the Secret Sender of the Letters…………..

Drum roll please…………

It was…………

Another puzzle……..

Thankfully the answer was already in our memory banks as we had been researching something earlier that day at the hotel which rang a bell and that was it.  The answer to the question, Who was the secret sender of the letters?

Who was it you ask…….

Well come close and I will tell you…….


No closer…….



As if we are going to deprive you of the best 3 hours of fun we have had in years…..

Do the trip yourself and find out who is The Secret Sender?

All in all an amazing day so thanks to the stranger who lead us down this path and made us members of the small group of people who know who the Secret Sender is!

As always loving being me and thanks so much for reading and I am so proud to announce I have today been nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award by Theatreandart. Thank you so much and my response to this will be following in the next few days and another momentous occasion today I reached 1,000 followers………

Can you believe it!  I have not even been blogging for seven months yet and I have hit so many milestones and I am truly, truly grateful to everyone of you who helped reach these huge milestones.  Again Thank You All!!!!!  Please keep reading.

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