Hull, Born & Bred…… Hidden treasure hunting.

Chris and I were born in Hull, Yorkshire. UK and have lived here all our lives.  Although we travel around a bit to other parts of the UK and around the world our hearts belong to the town we live in. All our families are here and we could never leave ( unless they all came with us lol). Our love of Hull got us thinking about all the places in Hull we have been and some of the treasures our town has and thought we would go and see if we could find some hidden treasures.

We were heading to a fairly old part if town which is quite run down but has some hidden beauty behind the overgrown trees and boarded up windows. The area I am talking about is called bankside, this is an area of Hull which runs along the sides of the River Hull. The beginning of the River Hull snakes off from the River Humber at the point where The Deep was built. If you have not heard of The Deep it is an aquarium looking over the River Humber with over 3,000 different creatures from the sea. It’s amazing what Alexa knows.  So glad we bought one! Further down is the Tidal Barrier, this was erected to protect Hull if and when the river rises.

As you go further down the river there are a few road bridges and then you reach bankside. A lot of the dock areas are getting redeveloped at the moment so hopefully bankside will be on the councils list at some point. We had been to drop the car off for a service and walked down Swan Street.

I never really took time to check out the architecture in these areas as they look old and run down but when you do it is a shocker as some of the buildings are really beautiful. As you can see from these pictures. As we walk around the area we come across the much talked about Banksy on an old bridge, we used to call it Scott Street Bridge, now its Banksy’s Bridge.

It’s weird he chose here to paint, although it is secluded so he would not get disturbed, as there are more prominent places he could have painted. Not far from the Banksy are other examples of grafitti, not by Banksy but maybe our own born and bred up and coming artist.img_20180303_0847296747164448143036259.jpg As well as grafitti the architecture hidden around here is pretty nice to we found these little gems hidden along the way. Some of them must have been here for over 100 years. After all Hull has been around since approximately 1193ad. WOW I just learned that I lived here all my life and never knew it was that old. I really need to do some research on the town I live in especially now I know how old it is . I am really impressed. Anyway back to bankside, totally randomly we found this old house just on its own in the middle of the street full of old warehouses.img_20180303_0845112792996574138176111.jpg I always loved finding little snickets when I was a child ( if you don’t know a snicket is a small narrow street/path usually leading from one place to another sometimes to know where but you have to go done them to find that out) I find them fascinating as when you enter them you are never sure where you will come out and sometimes they turn out to be a dead-end full of rubbish. img_20180303_0848443362741530593135602.jpgWe found this one down bankside but as we had Theo and his pram decided to return later to explore where it went. I will let you know what happens. We carried on and came out of bankside to Freetown way, this road has not been here a long time 20 maybe 30 years but as you walk along it hidden by trees we found this little hidden gem along with the building was a plaque, it made me wonder how many people would have seen this in the 21st century.

I bet it’s not many. So you see as well as Hull bring 2017 City of Culture we still have a long way to go with redevelopment of some areas but when they are complete you will be glad you visited such a beautiful place.

For now thanks for reading

Come back soon for another tale of love, life, travel and family

Please come and visit and see for yourself

Loving being me…..

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The Northwind doth blow and here comes the Breath of Death

They called it the Beast from the East but they should have called it the Breath of Death. #thebreathofdeath  We have been quite lucky in Hull, it has been really windy and really cold but the snow is barely a couple of inches deep in most places.


It is quite rare in the UK for us to experience weather like this.  We live in the north-east and the chaos this breath of death has caused is negligible compared with other parts of the country. It has claimed lives in all over the country in-car crashes as the roads freeze and the snow falls.

UK airports have ground to a practical halt as the storm hit with approx. 500 flights cancelled up to now.  We have been upgraded to a red weather alert as the temperatures plummet and the endless snow lies on the ground.  In some parts of the UK the temperature has got down to -16C.  It was only 2010 we had the last freeze.  The Environment Agency has activated flood warnings in certain parts of he UK.


We live on the on the River Humber and have been the victims of flooding in 2007.   The Army and the RAF have been sent out to help with the chaos on the roads helping jack-knife lorries and overturned vehicles.  It got so cold in Isle of Wight the sea turned to ice and the boats got stuck in the harbour.

If you dont want to get blown over by the wind then i would stay away from here.  I work near here and we could not really go out without getting blown over, those of us who did wished they had not as they came back all frozen and looking like they had been dragged through bushes lol…. It is not a good look.

Hopefully this to will pass and leave us all safe and sound.  Take a minute to thanks your lucky stars if your safe with your families and give a thought for those who are not…



Introducing The Go To Girls Blog Hometown …. Hull

So much has happened in Hull since we became Hull City Of Culture, we have see a real revival of our city, more visitors, more investment, more of everything. I love the fact i was born here and have always seen Hull as a great place to live, sadly others have not.

There are so many places in Hull to visit, the museums, the galleries, docks i could go on.

We are located right on the River Humber  spanned by the massive Humber Bridge and the seaside is half an hour awayone way and the gorgeous countryside half an hour the other.  We really do get the best of all worlds here.

I am glad to see we are finally getting recognition for out heritage and even our architecture which is amazing.  I was surprised when i began looking around at all of the beautiful architecture we have here just in the town centre.


The old Magistrates Court building,


Holy Trinity Church – now known as Hull Minster…. to name a few.

A couple of art installations have been an interesting new temporary addition to Trinity Square, i am not really sure how i felt about them as i love art but i do not know enough to really comment.

I myself particularly like the work going on on the old pier and the marina, the old warehouses which have been renovated into apartments ad restaurants looking over the River Humber down river towards the ferry terminal.


We are called the Gateway to Europe as you can board a ferry here and overnight be in Bruges or Rotterdam.

I read a story about Hull and Queen Victoria Square’s new fountains, it said we are the only town who take our children (with towels) to play in them, i find it hard to believe. When have children kept out of water especially when it is hot, i know i never did and neither did my children so to who ever wrote that shame on you, have you ever been to Hull?

So many great things are in Hull, it could take a while to get to them all as well as all the famous people who were born here (surprised!!) Well there are quite a few!

So i will continue to blog about the greatest city in the world (in my eyes) Hull.