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The Go To Girls Blog Speaks “Ull”…..

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know i am from  “Hull” (‘Ull is the pronunciation if you are from Hull.)  Hull is a port and has a long history of the fishing industry ingrained into our cobbled streets.  img_20181011_1327253543694106518162802.jpgIf you visit Hull you can still see the docks and the pier where the old passenger ferry from Hull to New Holland.  Nowadays this no longer exists but further down the River Humber you can get a North Sea ferry to Holland or Belgium.  img_20181010_1836217333112362111433164.jpgThey called the mouth of the River Humber the gateway to Europe.  One thing you may not know about Hull is the language.  We up in the north-east are quite unique in many ways and one of those ways is the way we  speak.  As I have lived here all my i don’t notice we all have this accent.  Even less noticeable to me is our pronunciation of certain words, i suppose it is a kind of Hull slang.  I though for this blog i can introduce you to some of the words and the slang versions of them.  I am going to tell you how this idea came about.  img_20181011_1327222557307065459385721.jpgI work in our town center and always walk along the pier and noticed a while ago the pub on the river front Minerva has installed outside seating and as an amazing touch to the seating our slang had been added onto the wooden slats on the seats.  As a blogger I am always looking for inspiration for my blogs and my home town is a wealth of interesting history and stories.  Hence the thought of this as a blog subject.  It may make you laugh or it may make no sense to you but here goes anyway.

Below is a list of words and phrases and the Hull slang versions of them.


Above: I am playing outside.img_20181011_1326206947344067322546735.jpg

Above: I am having  a conversation with someone.img_20181011_1326138066962855963765598.jpg

Above: I am on government benefits. (dole)img_20181011_1326048224991602278205721.jpg

Above: The children are outside playing.img_20181011_132707929102387999529222.jpg

Above: It is raining really hard & Radio Humberside. (the local radio station)img_20181011_1327002292604318820033621.jpg

Above:  Hessle Road.  (One of the main streets in Hull)img_20181011_1325571977259331193443641.jpg

Above: There is no snow on the road.

Above:  Ice in my coke (please remember this is slang not swearing)


Above: We are going onto Hessle Road.img_20181011_1326297261851751047819545.jpg

Above:  I claim to go first.  This is said when you are playing a game and you want to go first.img_20181011_1326017768297179405080573.jpg

Above: The back alley behind your house where children used to play.  Named as most of them were actually ten feet wide.img_20181011_1325524495592259760426626.jpg

Above: Your holidays.img_20181011_1325058979084489430813985.jpg

In the order they are above top to bottom:

Chip seasoning,


Playing truant from school,


I don’t know,

Can I have a look.img_20181011_1324055901589970762034313.jpg

Again words as they are above:

Half a lager,


The other end of the street,


Get the drinks in,

Oh, No,

A pint of mild (a type of beer),

You can’t really make the last one out in the picture, the word is ‘fizog’

it means face.burst_cover_gif_action_20181011132527.gif

As above listed in order on the picture.


Shut up,


Is there something the matter?

So there you have an insight into our slang here in Hull.  I hope you like/understand it LOL!

Another reason to love being me. x

Thank you for reading, please come back again for more tales of love, life, family and travel.

Love always the Go To Girls Blog. xxx

The Go To Girl Visits Hull Fair……..

58CB33F9-5624-4732-9215-8F8503059779Hull Fair is Europe’s biggest travelling fair and has been coming to Hull for over 700 years.  The whole town stops what it is doing and goes to Hull Fair for a variety of reasons which include food from burgers to in the last few years Indian and Chinese cuisine.  Then there are the rides and stall which range from hook a duck and shooting ranges to children’s big wheels and bombers for the more adventurous of us.5EC52492-0A85-4AEB-989A-69AC6A5D0D6D

One of the weird but true facts of Hull Fair is the official ‘Fair Day’ is the eleventh of October, which happens to be my husband Chris’s birthday.  He always said Hull Fair happens every year on his birthday.  As part of a ‘Hull’ tradition everyone gets together with their friends and family to visit Hull Fair.  I say part of ‘Hull’ tradition, people from all over come to the Fair.  583B9932-10E4-41FC-9F48-B52F972EE635

I heard just last week a family with relatives overseas had organised their holidays around the fair as they were originally from Hull and loved the fair when they were here.  As a family we all arranged to go in various groups, our daughter Lou and her husband to be took Theo on the first day.  Theo walked into the salon when Lou works and told her he was going to the fair after she left work last Saturday.  B333EDDD-4AE2-4F16-9C1E-73755D125341

This made her laugh as he is only just 4 and he definitely knows what he wants so they took him for a walk round.  She told me how much he enjoyed it and had been taken again by his uncle later in the week.  It finally came to our turn to take him which was the last day of the fair and our only opportunity to go as it had been a busy week as usual.  Theo has a very busy social life and had a party to attend so instead of Friday night stay with granny and gramps he was coming to us after the party.  FD85326F-897E-4A7E-8B0A-9329254D5C39

Lou dropped Theo off and said she will meet us at Hull Fair.  Off we went in the car.  As we are local we know all the little back streets for parking and have a favourite street called Selby Street.  It brings back a lot of childhood memories of the journey to Hull Fair as our families used to walk the same way as we do now.  Down Selby Street and over Waliker Street bridge, straight onto Walton Street where the fair is based.  Theo’s only little so a short walk to the fair was a good idea as walking round the fair can add miles to your trip.

We finally made it to the fair around five and began walking down Walton Street which is the street the fair is on at the bottom there is a large open area used for markets and parking for the KCOM stadium on match days or event days.  Walton Street is just over half a mile long and the space at the end where the fair rides are situated is sixteen acres which is a very large site for a toddler to walk.  The rides start around half way down the street and as soon as Theo saw the kiddie rides he was off.

276C1C85-5D7C-40C0-B5D6-E154E89B0360Come on gramps can we go on this ride?  First ride was the kiddie wheel, as he was getting on another little girl wanted to get in the same carriage with Theo.  We thought she was a bit scared to go on her own and Theo did not mind.

Next was the monster truck ride.  Theo loves Blaze and the monster trucks so as soon as he saw this ride he thought he was going on Blaze LOL. As we walked around he saw the Coca-Cola truck, anything to do with cars will do for Theo.  D3616833-5814-4296-912E-97E337410832We had a candy floss break next just for a bit of a fair food.  In case you don’t know what candy floss is, in the USA it is cotton candy which is whipped sugar with colour and put on a stick.  this has been a fair staple since we can remember and probably a lot longer.  45939D60-F635-4394-A454-C759729DC1A8We walked up to the other end of Walton Street to meet up with Lou while sharing candy floss which was by the way was really sticky.  Next ride of the night was the hot air balloon ride which went up in the air.  40ECFE96-073C-4007-8A87-3AC16284167BLou asked Theo shall I come on this with you?  Theo’s reply made us all laugh.  Why would I mummy!  Well he is four now!!  Next was the worst ride of the night an old battered fun house which was no fun at all, so next!  Theo spotted the ski jump in the distance so we had to race to this with him.  8B0734BF-7F5A-4C9D-A72F-1C29D817D4BBHe wanted his mummy on this ride with him but it stated on the notice no adults, sorry mummy.    Mummy got her chance to go on a ride with Theo on the next ride though……..  Here come the Dodgems.

The airplane ride was a particular favourite as it was from another favourite of Theo’s, Planes and his plane of choice was Dusty.903F78FB-A765-45C5-BF45-8973DF2B192E  Another fun house was next as the last one was such a bust.

He went on again with mummy.  He does love his mummy.  Finally my favourite time, time for food!  On the menu tonight for Lou and I was vegetable noodles and sweet chilli sauce.  Chris opted for the traditional cheese burger.  76EBCF1A-9716-4D0D-8F5D-BA404B322CD7We could not get Theo to eat fair food as he was too excited to go on more rides and had eaten at the party any hour or so earlier.  We received a phone call from Chris’s brother and his family to meet us at the children’s helter skelter.  We arrived and more or less walked up at the same time. 6D97635C-5C9E-40D1-9403-EF1F5C911B19 By this time Theo was starting to get a bit tired, he must have walked a good few miles around the fair.  Even though we had just met Dave and Claire and the kids I said we probably would not be able to stay much longer as Theo was getting tired. 09C630A2-7596-49FD-A262-8A38D46A66BB We walked around for about anther half an hour while the girls went on some of the adrenaline fuelled rides.  Kids are crazy at fair, well teenagers they want to go on the biggest, the tallest and the fastest ride there is.  Just like us when we were their age.  Now it take going to Disneyworld to get me and Chris on this kind of ride.  The final ride of the night for Theo was the biggest fun house on the fair.  I suggested it might be a bit big for him and he burst into tears.  Granny I am four now I am not a baby he said!  Ok if Aleesha and Ebony will take you on you can go but you must hold hands all the way around.  Ok granny I promise.  Slightly worried I let them all go.  2D8F4BF1-0664-4CD9-A787-641B42C84E52He went on the fun house, held the girls hands and came off safe and sound.  Phew! We left Dave, Claire and the girls walked back up Walton Street without forgetting to buy an Owlet balloon for Theo.  You have never seen a child look so happy as Theo looked when the man handed him that balloon.  About a half hour later we were back home.  0A93A267-143D-410D-AC61-B188D3B0589EI would usually say into the warm but this year was a weird year for fair weather.  We have a saying in Hull ‘here comes fair weather’ as every year for as long as we can remember it has turned colder, rained and blown a gale all on the week the fair comes to town.  Not this year, when we left home for the fair it was 24 degrees centigrade and when we returned it was 21 degrees centigrade.  Chris and I have never experienced this weather on fair week in our lifetimes!! So all in all time spent with the family at ‘Hull Fair’ was time well spent.  Just another reason I love being me.

Thanks for reading and come back soon for more tales of love, life, family and our travels.

Love always The Go To Girls Blog xxx

Charity Starts At Home…….. Hull & Haltemprice – Living with Water.

You may or may not know much about Hull but back in 2007 we suffered terrible flooding which saw thousands displaced for years.  Thankfully, something is being done about making sure we are prepared for it if it happens again.  I found out about this event on my dinner  from work and thought it is not my usual blog topic but Hull is very important to me. If I can get the word out even a bit for them then it would be worth writing about.  It is called ‘Hull and Haltemprice Living with Water’.

This is a partnership between Hull City Council, East Riding of  Yorkshire Council, The Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water. They have a vision where water is ‘not seen as a threat from flooding but where communities thrive, This event is to raise awareness and money they are rolling out an event called Hull-timate Challenge?  It got me interested with the display of a small part of what we can expect.img_20180706_1255012411351267558980507.jpg

Imagine an obstacle course so large it runs around the entire city centre of Hull of around 5km.  Yes, that’s 5km of obstacles.  It is family friendly course and can be done by any age from 4 upwards.  There is the option to do 7.5km or even 10km for the more seasoned athlete, obviously i will be doing the children’s one.  LOL!!

I met a very lovely volunteer img_20180706_1254262265696507928709251.jpg(sorry, how rude of me i did not take your name for my blog, please comment your name below so i can include you.) who introduced me to this guy, img_20180706_125635512704626245383187.jpgRob Edmond, who is running the show.  He told me anyone wanting to know more of the Hull-timate Challenge can visit

Learn all about the fun day here in Hull.  The dates for the Hull-timate Challenge are 20th & 21st October 2018 (plenty or time to train) and tickets are available from just £5* (if you live in Hull)

Please have a look and support my home town I love it so much.  The Hull-timate Challenge can be walked or ran, we just need your support or even better if you can attend, we would love to see you.img_20180706_1258138522478401938401993.jpg

Just a few tips on, What to do if you are under threat of flooding, I learned from Rob and his team. I thought the whole world could use these tips, as i know we are not the only place who are under threat of floods.  Weirdly enough i did not know any of these things  so in a flood i would have been less that useless.

  1. You can check now, does your insurance cover flooding? and do you know how to turn off electric, gas and water?
  2. If, hopefully not, you get a flood warning, check on children, elderly family members and neighbours and pets.
  3. To stop or slow water entering your home, fill plastic bags or pillow cases with mud and place in sinks and toilets or buy and fit floorboards to your doors.

I did not know about the bags in sinks and toilets so that is my something learned today.

That just about wraps up my blog and all the information provided in this blog has come courtesy of Rob Edmond and his team from Living with Water

So thanks to them for their contribution to this blog and don’t forget show your support and make it a day out with your families.  Let me know you are coming and I will pop and meet you, we can do another blog about the event as it happens and get some of you lovely supporters pictures on the blog too.

Again thanks for reading , please support @hultimatechallenge on Facebook and @livingwithh2o on twitter.

Aah, My first helpful Charity blog… It warms my heart to help the city I love.  HULL……

Loving being me…….

Love thegotogirlsblog xxxxxx


From Hull and back…..

amsterdam architecture building capital
Photo by Pixabay on

One thing you may not know about me is I have an impatient streak.  Some people say impatient and some people say go-getter.  I say impatience is a virtue not patience.  You don’t get anywhere quick being patience.  So i will tell you why i am telling you this.  I used to be in the brownies when i was little.  For those of you who dont know, brownies are girl guides or girls scouts in the USA but just younger.

During my time in the brownies one thing i learned was to ‘be prepared’.  I have always loved this phrase.  It has served me well throughout life.  Now i am older this is now ingrained into my life.  Why am i telling you this?  In my last blog post i told you about Theo, a holiday and a leak.  This is the ‘holiday’ part of the story continued.  We booked to go to Amsterdam for a city break for four days and it got me thinking about Amsterdam.

amsterdam canal lights red light district
Photo by Skitterphoto on

The truth is i have not got a clue about Amsterdam apart from this is where the Van Gogh Museum is.  As i said i like to be prepared so i went and opened my laptop and started researching ‘Things to do in Amsterdam’  I came cross all-sorts to do, boat trips on the canals, walks around the Red Light District and the coffee shop tours.  Apparently these are all of he traditional things to do when visiting Amsterdam.

The thing is Chris and i don’t like to do the usual, traditional things.  We like to do the unusual, go to the places where  you dream about going.  I started looking for ‘the unusual’ and gosh is there a lot of unusual things to do in Amsterdam.  The mere fact there is so much to choose from was a bit daunting to start.  Escape rooms, chocolate and ghost tours to name a few.

beach blue colors daytime
Photo by Stas Knop on

The thing that surprised me was Amsterdam has a beach.  I had no idea, i thought it was landlocked but no, it has a beach.  Again, i am rambling back to things to do.  We decided we would choose two things each to do each as we are only going for four days.  Chris chose first and i had an idea what he would choose, he always chooses the same beer and football.  Guess what? i was right.

His choices are a tour of The Heineken Brewery followed by a tour of the football stadium called Johan Cruijff Arena.  This where the team Ajax play. So Chris’ contribution to our city break as usual is beer and football.  Mine however as always brings a slice of something different.  Although Chris and I are a lot alike there are somethings which distinguish us as total individuals.  I love art, culture, history and i love a good mystery.

shallow focus photography of yellow sunflower field under sunny sky
Photo by Susanne suju on

My choices for the trip will add some of all of this to the four-day break.  My first choice is as you probably guessed The Van Gogh Museum and i have already prepared Chris for a lengthy visit to this museum.  I cannot tell you how excited i am to visit ‘The Van Gogh Museum’.  I am going to get to see with m own eyes the paintings i have idolised since i can remember.  My all time favourite has to be Orchard in Blossom with a view of Arles, an oil on canvas.

It has the most beautiful colours in it deep blues and greens as green as real life.  I am not sure if this painting is as well-known as some of his works but i fell in love with it as soon as i saw it.  I really hope this one is in the gallery.  In case any of my readers have ever been and know if this painting is at the museum leave a comment.  Anyway The Van Gogh Museum is my number one choice.  My other choice is a bit out of the box but as i said before i love a mystery.

So my final choice is… The Mystery of the Secret Sender.  This is ‘a new way to explore a city’ , you follow clues, explore the city, solve the puzzles and therefore the mystery.  WOW, i am beyond excited for this week as i am for most of the things in my life ans yes i will follow-up with all of the photos and another post on the actual trip as soon as we get back so please watch out for that one i promise its going to be another adventure from the travel tales of thegotogirlsblog

PS.. Sorry i have not included my own photos in this blog post, i always use my own but i have not been yet so i don’t have any.  I will post extras with the post to make up.

Again thanks for reading

Still loving my life

(especially now the carpet is drying out after the leak, more on that story later)

Love thegotogirlsblog xxx