Words, words, words,

They come, they flow,

In my mind,

They grow.


I need a release,

Never want them to cease,

I have to write,

Sometimes through the night.


It’s like a volcano in my mind,

Words spewing never two of  a kind,

Am I crazy?

Is my mind obsessed with words!


Force of Nature…..

I am a force of nature,

I can believe it, never nurtured,

There is no where I haven’t ventured,

Yet I always make my way forward.


I wont be silenced,

They have tried through violence,

I can take care of my own,

After all the years I have shown.


I am a force of nature,

You wont scare me I am fearless,

I will die trying to save,

Anyone I care for from the grave.


They know upon me they can rely,

As I have shown how hard i try,

They could never be safer,

To them all I give my life.


img-20180617-wa00181107254135175525672.jpgWhen you leave,

I am scared,

When you leave,

I am alone.


I miss you so much,

Even though you will be home soon,

I can still smell you,

I can still feel you near.


I can feel your arms around me,

Holding me tight keeping me safe,

Late in the night I lie awake,

Thinking of us.


The first night we met,

These feelings will never go,

You are my knight in shining armour,

My love with a kind face and a loving heart.


I would give anything to keep you forever,

You promised you would stay,

We are like two sides of the same coin,

Two peas in a pod that nothing could ever part.