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I spend my life,

Waiting for you,

Where were you?

Hiding in the Shadows,

Waiting for me,

You walked passed me,

Not knowing where you are,

You drove past me,

Not knowing where you’re going,

You have been there all of my life,

Waiting for me,

I to hide out in the shadows,

Too scared to walk into the light,

Not knowing the life awaiting me,

Would be filled with bright light,

Step into the light,

You have no idea,

What life is waiting for you.


A Glimmer of hope,

That’s what I have,

It’s more than I had before,

When it’s dark you can’t see the light.


It’s hard had keep your head held up high,

Hope begins to grow,

Soon it’s doubled in size,

I finally looked through my own eyes.


A glimmer of hope sees a tomorrow,

Wow there it is,

It is all mine how did I miss,

It it’s right there.


I want to share my glimmer of hope,

I share as I do care,

You helped me through all the dark,

Snuggled up with you because you cared.


Now you need me too,

I share my hope with you,

I give you my glimmer of hope,

You share it back to me.


Always half and half,

That’s what we do,

Two halves of that coin,

Through and through.

Help Me……..

With my head  in my hands,

Tears in my eyes,

The pain is too much to bear,

Who will help me, who will care.


I have been suffering too long,

Want to rip my head off,

Just to get some relief,

Just to get some peace.


The pain is piercing,

Like a needle in my ear,

The pain is constant,

Something I don’t want to feel.


The cold hurts it, the vibration, the noise,

I can’t help it, its out of my control,

I just need someone to hold me,

Just to take the pain away.


A kind face, a comforting word,

A warm pillow,

Anything to calm this pain,

Who can help, who will care.


Pain, pain all I know is pain,

All to lose and nothing to gain,

When will it stop,

Will it just carry on?


Hoping soon it will be gone,

I thought it was solved,

turns out nothings resolved,

Someone HELP ME please.


I can’t take,

This pain anymore,

It’s beyond my control,

That i know for sure!