Theo, a holiday and a leak…..

What a weekend! I was not going to blog about the weekend but it turned out to be an eventful one. It all started really good Theo came with Chris to pick me up from work on Friday,

which was great as he has been in Spain for the last week so we missed an entire weekend with him.

A quick trip to Asda to replenish Theos cupboard, drinks and treats are always needed in case he gets thirsty or peckish he can just help his self. I found this while i was looking for vouchers

He has has this since he was big enough to open the cupboard as we wanted to feel as much at home here as he does at his actual home.

We got home and the neighbours were all hanging about,

the kids were all out playing. We don’t usually have time to ” playout” lol! But as it was a nice night and we had Theo for the whole weekend we thought we could let him playout with the other kids down the street.

It brought back memories of a time gone by when his mummy and uncle used to be playing out with the last generation of kids on the street and we were the parents watching our children on their bikes and scooters.

It was amazing watching Theo playing, especially as he reminds me so much of his mummy. She was always out playing with her little friends and her brother although she did have more accidents than any other child in the neighbourhood.

I hope Theo does not follow her in this respect. We ended up staying out pretty late but as it was a one off it was fine. We are always careful not to let Theo get out of his bedtime routine but a late night now and again won’t hurt.

A couple of hours later, we sat and watched the most beautiful sunset we had seen for a while but Theo was tired so we went in got ready for bed and off to Bedfordshire (bed). I was at work on Saturday morning so Chris and Theo dropped me off and went home for a couple of hours, they love a bit of Theo and gramps time.

The morning went really quick (luckily) and before I know it they were picking me back up. I wanted to pop into the town (the city centre) to go to the travel agents to book a trip for our wedding anniversary. I can’t actually believe it but Chris and I are celebrating out tenth wedding anniversary and we are so happy about this.

Apparently most marriages only last seven years these days which is shocking to us, I hope this fact is not true and even if it is, it is not going to be part of our story. We decided to book to go away but did not know where all we knew was the dates we had booked off from work. We parked the car in Princes Quay one of the three shopping centres in Hull town centre and headed off to the nearest travel agent.

We were going to book a week in Ibiza as we had so much fun last time we went and it was ten years ago since we went just after our honeymoon.

We looked at various different trips but we were really tight on time and would of ended up flying back him and having to go straight into work on the Saturday so decided to change destination and trip length so we had a bit of time to breathe. We settled on Amsterdam, I love Van Gogh and his work ( I even have my own exhibition in our hallway at home, posters obviously) so where better to go than Amsterdam the home of the Van Gogh Museum.

The lady in the travel agent was really nice even though we were there about 2 hours as her computer kept crashing. We eventually found the hotel a couple of miles out of Amsterdam centre and a flight which takes just over an hour. That’s the shortest flight we will have been on.

At last we got out of the travel agents and went for something to eat, it is hungry work sat in travel agents. We went to a place called Wings, its an “all you can eat” multi cultural buffet. We have not been there yet and did not know what we were missing. What a mistake that was! It was amazing, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Japenese…… Chris had the great idea, he would try and eat his way through all the countries in the restaurant.

That turned out to not be a great idea. He had three out of four countries and pancakes and icecream. I really don’t know where he puts it. What he forgot was we had quite a walk back to the car and in his ‘stuffed state’ was sorry he’s ate so much. He couldn’t wait to get home. Lol! We promised Theo a trip to the toy shop as he had been so good in town, he chose a Paw Patrol toy.

This was a good choice as it has kept him quiet for hours. Finally we set off home to have a rest or so we thought!!!! We got in everything was fine until we went to turn the tv on. As I went towards the TV my foot got wet, has Theo spilt his drink when I was at work?, I asked. No! Why? Chris asked. Well the carpets wet! Ok I don’t know why. I pulled the curtain back and that was wet too.

Then it hit me! Literally a small jet of water hit me. The radiator had burst and the water was coming out all over the floor. We are not sure how long it had been leaking as the curtain was covering the hole.

Chris luckily knew what to do and turned the radiator off but the water did not stop. Chris explained to me the radiator was full of water and would carry on leaking until it was emptied so we put bowls under it to catch the water.

I called the insurance to get them to send an emergency plumber. Guess what? Did you guess? We were not covered for emergency water leak! Nooooooooooooo! But we are covered for the damage the water causes!? Great but the water is still leaking out of the radiator and we still need a plumber. Just to top the conversation the insurance man said and don’t forget your excess is £300.

Nooooooooooo! I hung up and then remembered we also have British Gas cover so I called them. Yes madam he said this is covered on your policy! Yesssssssss! I will send a plumber. Yesssssssss! Thank you so much. In the next four hours! Nooooooooo! The water is still leaking out of the radiator. Can you get them here any quicker? No sorry that’s the emergency appointment time!

Ok reluctantly I hung up. We waited and waited and waited. Four hours, five hours, six hours and now the time is midnight. The gas man is not coming now and the water is still leaking but the radiator must be nearly empty by now!? We finally gave up and went to bed leaving this scene. Carpet soaking, pointless insurance policies and a very unhappy and tired me!

We all fell asleep and woke up this morning in a panic running down stairs to check the status of the radiator. Luckily it was just dripping now it was finally empty, more or less. At this point we are still waiting for the plumber but have to drop Theo back to his mummy and daddy so will have to wait to call the plumber back and see when they will be coming. So for now I can’t tell you any more but we will update you soon on this and a few other ongoing blog posts. Again thanks for reading.

Still loving being me ( with a wet floor not so much)

Love thegotogirlsblog xx

The Day the world turned brighter…. Theo Day!

So by now you will all know how much my family means to me and you have all got to know me and my family through my blog so I thought I would share a few personal photos of the first few days of Theo’s life. I thought i could also give you and insight into why the world was brighter with Theo in it.  I was at work when I found out my daughter was in labour as I have said in a previous blog “Welcome to the world Theo” but I did not really share many photos of that day and the following few days so here are some. I hope you like them as much as we do.


Here is Theo literally a few minutes old. I knew the first time he held onto my finger he would be the greatest love of my life. People say the greatest love of your life is your husband or your children and don’t get me wrong I love them all but the day Theo was born something magical happened to me.


I can’t describe what it was but I can only say watching him being born made it all make sense. I was actually speechless and this never happens lol! When I had my children I loved them so much but I was young and had actually no idea what I was doing.


I ‘winged it’ for years. I love them dearly but I wish i knew what i was doing as i would have been able to bring them up better. I am not saying i did a bad job as they have both turned out great but i could not direct them like i would have liked to.


Does any one else feel like they could have done better or is it just me? Hopefully not just me! Anyway off I go rambling again. Back to Theo, after i got over the shock of being a granny, a young – ish looking granny lol !


I made a promise to myself, now I knew what I was doing i was going to make sure my daughter, son and grandson would never suffer like i did when i was young or even when i was older. I decided i was going to make sure they had what i never had when i was growing up.


Support, help, love and guidance. These are the things I needed and never got and i will not let my family grow up without any of those things. I do not know what its like to have all those things and only received this from my self-made family when i was older. The moral of my story is no matter what type of parent you think you are you can always improve but as long as there is love for your children you wont go wrong.

Thanks for reading again

Come again for another tale of love, life, family and travels

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Chris, a birthday and the USA

As we were in Disneyworld in October and it was Chris’s birthday while we were there we could do something different, it is never warm in the UK for his birthday and it is always what we call ‘fair weather’.  This is not weather that is ok it is weather which comes every year to Hull when the Hull Fair comes.  It’s the biggest travelling fair in Europe I think.  It is going to be great to go out with Chris in the warm weather for a change.  I went to the hotel concierge services to see if they could help me with my plan, i wanted them to get me some balloons and a cake.

After some negotiation with a not very helpful lady, I managed to arrange for the room to be dressed while we were out.  Next i needed to get Chris out of the room at the right time so we did not bump into the concierge on the day, we usually went back to the room during the day to rest and freshen up.  Last i had to find somewhere to go for birthday celebrations, we were in Florida, how hard could it be.  We stayed at the Coronado Springs resort and had talked about going for a wander down International Drive while we were there so this was a perfect opportunity to visit some of our favourite places down there.

Great, all sorted I had  plan. Chris’s birthday arrived and i had sneaked some of the family birthday cards into my suitcase before we left.  I woke Chris up with a cup of coffee and his cards, surprise number one, complete. IMG_0364

Next get him out of the hotel at the correct time, so I said its your birthday no need to rush let’s have a relaxing day.  Take your time getting ready and we decided to get the  bus to International Drive, we got showered and dressed and off we went to the bus stop at the resort.  The sun was shining, it was warm and my darling had the biggest smile on his face i had seen on his birthday.  After all,  don’t forget he never, ever had a birthday in the sun.  He was so happy.  We got on the bus which would take us to the main bus area.  This is where we could get the bus out of the Disney Resort.

The bus to International Drive arrived, the first of two we needed to get to go to the part of International Drive we wanted to go.  The first bus takes you to Seaworld and Aquatica but the stop we wanted was further down.  Anyway the full bus ride took us about an hour, we arrived on International Drive.  We finally got off the bus and started walking, we decided to have Chris’s birthday celebrations at our favourite place, Bahama Breeze.  If you have not been here you have to go.

It is a Caribbean style eatery and it serves the best food and the most amazing cocktails which has a singer playing the steel drums while you eat.  It really is something special, you will see when you visit.  We arrived around 2-ish and it was time for birthday drink.  It’s up to you darling, you are the birthday boy after all.  We had a look at the cocktail menu and found the perfect drink, I say drink, it was a sample tray of all of the different margarita’s but there was also a sample tray of all of the rum cocktails.IMG_0366  Ooh which one to choose?  We asked if they could mix the tray d send us half and half, this is Bahama Breeze and it your birthday of course they will accommodate you.  We ended up with a tray of flavoured margarita’s and rum cocktail samples,  when I say samples, this is what they are advertised as but when the come they are all half pint glasses, they do have quite a lot of ice so prob actually a quarter pint of cocktail in each but there was eight glasses so that was  lot of cocktails.  IMG_0368We ordered a sharing tray of food as neither of us could decide what we wanted to eat and it was only 2:30.  We usually have a big breakfast and dinner and just snack during the day as we were usually riding roller coasters all day. We sat for a while with  glass of water while the food and drink came, when it did, WOW, it was amazing.  We shared all of the drinks, giving our opinions of each of them as we went.  Chris and I have different tastes in drinks which is weird as we like most other things the same as each other, music, travel even favourite colour and numbers.

The drinks were amazing and the ones Chris liked i did not and vice versa so that worked out well we shared the nearly 50/50. The sharing plate just filled the hole in my tummy ready for cake. Part 2 of my plan complete.  We had been down International Drive for a few hours and i knew it was safe to return to the room for his final surprise, his cake.

Shall we go back to the hotel and get ready for tonight,  we were going to go to the outside bar at the hotel for a few drinks after dinner, I did not think roller coasters after birthday cake and drinks would be a good choice.  We arrived back at the resort around 5 and headed back to our room, i had my fingers crossed they had been and brought the cake and balloon etc.  I had no way of checking so i relied on the concierge to carry out my wishes.  I got Chris to open the door, pretending i was adjusting my shoe lol!  His face was a picture when he realised what i had done.

Disney World concierge got 10/10 for helping.  They had been in the room, cleaned and dressed our room, well dresser, with this………


Thanks very much Disney, you helped me make my husband’s birthday very special.  So after he got over the shock that I had arranged such a great day we ate some birthday cake got changed and went straight back out for dinner and drinks, we had quite a late night that day for a change then back to the room ready for another day in the life of thegotogirlsblog…….

Happy Birthday Darling.IMG_0401

So this was another day from our holidays at Disney World Resort Florida

Come back for another day from this amazing trip…..

Thanks for reading

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Family and the Bank Holiday Weekend

Wow… what a great weekend !!

The sun was shining and it was hot! hot! hot! This was the first bank holiday of the year it has actually been nice enough to go out and even away. So we did it all and this is how it went. I was at work on Saturday morning so we changed Theo’s day to the Saturday instead of he usual Friday, not good but better than not having him. We cannot miss a Theo day and he is going on holiday with mummy and daddy soon so we wont be able to have him one weekend. We are not looking forward to that at all!! LOL! We cant begrudge them all a lovely family holiday can we but I think next time we should go with them so we don’t have to miss any time with him or them for that matter. Anyway back to the weekend.

I left work at lunch on Saturday, came home, got changed and went straight back out the door for a trip to Castleford, it’s about an hour from where we live and I had been looking for a writing desk for our home so i can write instead of having my laptop or pad and pen on my knee. I found by chance a writing bureau very cheap on Ebay. I put a bid of £15 on it, not thinking i would win it but i did, no one else had bid on it. Lucky me!


So off we went to pick it up and then stopped off at Glasshoughton Shopping Center for a bit of retail therapy. We bought a lovely indoor water feature.


We have recently been making a few changes to the living room it is kind of brown, grey and grass-green. I like it, all the different textures, colours and fabrics go well together.

Again back to the weekend, we arrived back around four just in time for Theo to arrive. We still had a couple of errands to run, I needed paint for the bureau and a bit of shopping for the weekend. Off we went the three of us. Asda, B&Q then Frankie and Benny’s for a bite to eat and Long Island Ice Tea for me Mmmmn. Sorry Chris was driving so Shandy for him LOL!! He is a very responsible driver just as he should be.

By the time we got home it was Theo’s bedtime so a shower and bed for all us, we were quite relieved as we had been out since 8am that morning so nearly 12 hours. Theo always likes to watch a movie when he goes to bed and his new favourite movie is Angry Birds. He wanted Chris to sit and watch it with him, as always gramps obliged.


They are so cute together, don’t you think?

A couple of hours later i had a sleeping toddler and a very tired husband, i knew it was time for sleep.

Next morning, we were up early again and out by nine. Off to the local car boot then to Hornsea. Chris takes us to this little car park near where his Grandmother used to live. A short walk and a set of stairs and we were on a lovely part of the beach at Hornsea.

We had a picnic, made sand castles, played ring toss, then bury the ring toss in the sand. Dipped our toes in the sea brrrrrrr, it was freezing. Not going for a swim then, NO!

After a couple of hours palying on the beach we decided to pack up and go for a walk along the sea front. This is one of my favourite parts of going to the seaside in the UK, the cute little beach fronts with the promenades.

We went for fish and chips a little place we found on an earlier visit to Hornsea, they do the most delicious fish fritters, for those of you who don’t know what this is it is like a fish and potato sandwich dipped in batter and then deep-fried. If they dont make them at your local fish and chip shop, if you have one then make your own they are amazing and I am sure you can find a recipe online for them.

Again the day got away from us and before we knew it we had run out of time and we had to leave ready to take Theo back home. This is our least favourite time of the weekend as it will be another week before Theo comes to stay again, we do see him during the week but it is not enough time but you know what its like we all have to work and have lives to live etc. We stayed for a while at our daughters as she had rented a bouncy castle out for Theo for the bank holidays so we had to all have a play on it with Theo.

We had to leave eventually as it had been another long summer day, it had been the best day of the year so far, we love spending days together as a family, well with a few people missing but we will have other days where we will all be together.

So we finally came to the Bank Holiday Monday, we could really do with a rest today as the other days had been so busy……. but……. you guessed it, we ‘pottered’ around the garden.  Chris tidied the garden and the bar ready for the first party of the year, hopefully this will be soon and the weather will be great throughout the summer, we have had rain for so long we deserve a nice hot summer. Then there is me……

What did I do, apart from get through a mountain of washing we had built up over the week, (i would usually do Saturday but it was bank holiday! lol!) I decided to up-cycle the bureau we had picked up the day before.  It was my aim to just sand and paint it with a sort of chalky effect paint.  I like this matt look on wood as i don’t believe wood was meant to be shiny, this is the final result.

I may do some more  to it but for now it is all I am doing to it, i am going to let it settle into the living room, if it does not ‘fit’ then i will do something more to it, oh yes i also up-cycled an old coffee table while i was at it. img_20180507_195729615537016663659323.jpg


So all in all a busy but very good bank holiday weekend.

You can see why I love being me….

I have the best life, love and family you could ever ask for and i love them all very much.

Anyway it getting late and work in the morning so until the next blog

Thanks for reading see you all soon

Love thegotogirlsblog xxxx

Remembering Stanley

HNI_0020 (2)I was pondering what to write about today and was looking through our photos for some inspiration…….

This is something I like to do to spark a flame of thought that leads to a full-blown blog or story or even poem.  Anyway the photos i got inspired by are related to one of the worst thinks to happen in our lives lately, losing our beloved dog , Stanley.  He was such a big part of our lives and everyone who met him loved him.

He was so gentle and loving.  I decided to tell my readers a little bit about him.  He was about eight weeks old when I brought him home, he was the cutest little gangly legged thing you could ever imagine. All blonde and white with the darkest brown eyes you could fall into.  He had the sweetest nature i have ever known, although if he was not expecting to see you he would practically jump out of his fur.IMG_20170412_180530

Going out in the garden is quite difficult at the moment as we still see him everywhere, his toys, his bowls, his bed.  I went into Theo’s Tiki Bar for the first time the other day, there in the corner was a cushion we had put inside the bar for the winter.  Unbeknown to us he had made this his day bed and had been sleeping in there while we were out at work during the day.  It smelt of Stanley and had his little paw prints on the cushion.DSC_0021

Even though he is gone I still think i hear him sometimes, i know it’s probably just the wind in the trees but i like to think he is still there in the garden, watching us waiting for the leftovers from tea.  We always used to cook too much food so he always had a portion on top of his doggy food.  He really liked chicken, he was not really a fan of vegetables though lol!IMG_0454

We spent a lot of time outside when the weather permits, as you know the UK is not famous for its long lazy hot days of summer.  You have to make the most of every sunny day you can and this always meant spending time outside with Stanley instead of inside.

We have a reasonably sized garden but he would still get under your feet and trip you up or if we laid out on a blanket he would come over and snuggle up to you.  Chris built a step in the back garden when he put French doors in the cinema room, Stanley thought this was for him and everyday we came home from work when it was warm there he was laid out on the step, sunbathing, silly dog.IMG_0453

He did not really take to many people when he was young but as he got older he mellowed a bit and when we built the bar and started having parties out there he would walk around mixing with the guests waiting for them to give him little treats.  We eventually had to tell everyone to stop feeding him as he would not know when to stop and would have made his self sick.

We love this furball so much and will miss him forever, but he is always with us.

Hope your playing with all your furry friends Stanley love you lots.

As always loving being me thanks for reading.

Come back soon for another story of life, love and family

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