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The Go To Girls Blog loves Bonfire Night……..

As you will know my family mean a lot and we all try to spend as much time together as we can so when celebrations come up such as Halloween and bonfire night we do like to try to get together as a family and do something. This year we decided to celebrate Bonfire Night together.

If you don’t really know what bonfire night is, its a traditional celebration, mainly in the UK. It’s called Guy Fawkes night or bonfire night.  It’s celebration on the 5th of November and it was based around Guy Fawkes who had a gunpowder plot to blow up the House of Lords he ended up failing and got prosecuted for treason. We all celebrate with lots of fireworks and bonfires twice but different apart from we had two different nights as some of the family love fireworks and others do not.


I thought I would tell you a bit about it so Saturday the 3rd of November it’s not bonfire night but we’re all off work so got together with Chris’s brother and family for drinks pies and peas.  Claire usually makes chilli but we asked if she would do pie and peas.  It reminds us of when we were kids and our grandparents used to do pie and jacket potatoes for us. They used to cook potatoes in tin foil in the bonfire and when it died down the potatoes would be cooked to perfection.  Nowadays we have all become very safety conscious and put the potatoes in the oven even though no one got burnt in the old days when they were on the bonfire.

Chris and Dave picked me up after the football, they were all happy because they won against West Brom.  I was actually ready well nearly lol and off we went to Dave’s.  Theo and Louise don’t like fireworks so they would not come but we were to go there on Monday which is actually the 5th of November bonfire night anyway.  It was already dark.

David built a bonfire and Claire was busy in the kitchen cooking chilli and rice, hot dogs, pie and peas, chips. All the drinks were chilling in the fridge, although it was so cold outside we could have put them outside to cool.  Everyone should have arrived by 6:30 but then you know what family are like. Most are on time but mother and father-in-law were late.  Oh! we thought you said after 6:30.  Finally everyone arrived on the celebrations could start.

Dave lit the fire and the family began deciding which fireworks they wanted to light first, rockets, air bombs, Catherine wheels, sparklers ,you name it we had it.  The kids loved the noisy ones, the older members of the family like the quiet ones lol!  Half way through the night, it was time for a food break.  Claire dished out all manner of yummy delights from many prepared dishes.

Although, I must say no onions on hot dogs not acceptable!! lol!! Onions on hot dogs it’s a must! With a belly full of chilli and hot dogs outside we went for part two of the fireworks and bonfire the fire needed stoking as we let it burn right down.

Again more air bombs rockets and those cute little fizzy fireworks that don’t really do much just sizzle for about 10 seconds then died out.  The actual fireworks lasted about an hour and a half.

That was a lot of fireworks. A couple of drinks and we were ready for home. Chris and I got a lift down so he could have a couple of lagers so it was bus home for us. We timed the bus perfectly and within half an hour we were safely home showered and tucked up in bed with a lovely sleep in on Sunday to look forward to.  Sunday and Monday came and went.  Then it was round two, a bonfire night which was actually on the right day November 5th.


Theo doesn’t like fireworks and Louise hates the Bangs so  they were having a few family and friends and food and fire instead.   We rushed home from work, had a  quick shower changed and straight back out again. Arriving at Louise and Mikes about 6:15. We were among the first to arrive for a change. The food smelled delicious, weirdly chilli again. Pulled pork, hot dogs ,again no onions! What is it with no onions?  The drinks were chilling but not  for us though as it was a work day.


The kids were all running around in the garden having fun and then the fireworks started from around the neighbourhood.  I’ve never seen the kids move so quick house and tipped out so many toys into the living room it looks like the remnants of a LEGO / toy shop. They were all happy and all the adults were outside around the fire just kept popping back in. We make sure one of us was always in the house with the kids. After we had fed all the kids, we started dishing out the potatoes and hot dogs and chilli which, was in the slow cooker on the bar.  Mike was in charge of the drinks but obviously disappeared when the fire started as always.   The men were down by the fire and the  women were up near the kitchen so we thought we’d give them a change.


So the women went down to the fire and the men came back up to the bar and started to take care of the kids for a while.  After about couple of hours we decided it was time to go as it was an early start the next morning but all in all another great night. One spent with family and friends and people who don’t see very often.  Yes, we mean you Dion! So the next celebration is going to be Christmas and  hopefully we’ll have a few stories to tell you about family life, fun and friends then. OK bye for now! Although come back soon for more tales of love, life, family and travel.

I am sure we will have more stories to write before Christmas.

Loving being me.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you again soon.

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx

The Go To Girl Visits Hull Fair……..

58CB33F9-5624-4732-9215-8F8503059779Hull Fair is Europe’s biggest travelling fair and has been coming to Hull for over 700 years.  The whole town stops what it is doing and goes to Hull Fair for a variety of reasons which include food from burgers to in the last few years Indian and Chinese cuisine.  Then there are the rides and stall which range from hook a duck and shooting ranges to children’s big wheels and bombers for the more adventurous of us.5EC52492-0A85-4AEB-989A-69AC6A5D0D6D

One of the weird but true facts of Hull Fair is the official ‘Fair Day’ is the eleventh of October, which happens to be my husband Chris’s birthday.  He always said Hull Fair happens every year on his birthday.  As part of a ‘Hull’ tradition everyone gets together with their friends and family to visit Hull Fair.  I say part of ‘Hull’ tradition, people from all over come to the Fair.  583B9932-10E4-41FC-9F48-B52F972EE635

I heard just last week a family with relatives overseas had organised their holidays around the fair as they were originally from Hull and loved the fair when they were here.  As a family we all arranged to go in various groups, our daughter Lou and her husband to be took Theo on the first day.  Theo walked into the salon when Lou works and told her he was going to the fair after she left work last Saturday.  B333EDDD-4AE2-4F16-9C1E-73755D125341

This made her laugh as he is only just 4 and he definitely knows what he wants so they took him for a walk round.  She told me how much he enjoyed it and had been taken again by his uncle later in the week.  It finally came to our turn to take him which was the last day of the fair and our only opportunity to go as it had been a busy week as usual.  Theo has a very busy social life and had a party to attend so instead of Friday night stay with granny and gramps he was coming to us after the party.  FD85326F-897E-4A7E-8B0A-9329254D5C39

Lou dropped Theo off and said she will meet us at Hull Fair.  Off we went in the car.  As we are local we know all the little back streets for parking and have a favourite street called Selby Street.  It brings back a lot of childhood memories of the journey to Hull Fair as our families used to walk the same way as we do now.  Down Selby Street and over Waliker Street bridge, straight onto Walton Street where the fair is based.  Theo’s only little so a short walk to the fair was a good idea as walking round the fair can add miles to your trip.

We finally made it to the fair around five and began walking down Walton Street which is the street the fair is on at the bottom there is a large open area used for markets and parking for the KCOM stadium on match days or event days.  Walton Street is just over half a mile long and the space at the end where the fair rides are situated is sixteen acres which is a very large site for a toddler to walk.  The rides start around half way down the street and as soon as Theo saw the kiddie rides he was off.

276C1C85-5D7C-40C0-B5D6-E154E89B0360Come on gramps can we go on this ride?  First ride was the kiddie wheel, as he was getting on another little girl wanted to get in the same carriage with Theo.  We thought she was a bit scared to go on her own and Theo did not mind.

Next was the monster truck ride.  Theo loves Blaze and the monster trucks so as soon as he saw this ride he thought he was going on Blaze LOL. As we walked around he saw the Coca-Cola truck, anything to do with cars will do for Theo.  D3616833-5814-4296-912E-97E337410832We had a candy floss break next just for a bit of a fair food.  In case you don’t know what candy floss is, in the USA it is cotton candy which is whipped sugar with colour and put on a stick.  this has been a fair staple since we can remember and probably a lot longer.  45939D60-F635-4394-A454-C759729DC1A8We walked up to the other end of Walton Street to meet up with Lou while sharing candy floss which was by the way was really sticky.  Next ride of the night was the hot air balloon ride which went up in the air.  40ECFE96-073C-4007-8A87-3AC16284167BLou asked Theo shall I come on this with you?  Theo’s reply made us all laugh.  Why would I mummy!  Well he is four now!!  Next was the worst ride of the night an old battered fun house which was no fun at all, so next!  Theo spotted the ski jump in the distance so we had to race to this with him.  8B0734BF-7F5A-4C9D-A72F-1C29D817D4BBHe wanted his mummy on this ride with him but it stated on the notice no adults, sorry mummy.    Mummy got her chance to go on a ride with Theo on the next ride though……..  Here come the Dodgems.

The airplane ride was a particular favourite as it was from another favourite of Theo’s, Planes and his plane of choice was Dusty.903F78FB-A765-45C5-BF45-8973DF2B192E  Another fun house was next as the last one was such a bust.

He went on again with mummy.  He does love his mummy.  Finally my favourite time, time for food!  On the menu tonight for Lou and I was vegetable noodles and sweet chilli sauce.  Chris opted for the traditional cheese burger.  76EBCF1A-9716-4D0D-8F5D-BA404B322CD7We could not get Theo to eat fair food as he was too excited to go on more rides and had eaten at the party any hour or so earlier.  We received a phone call from Chris’s brother and his family to meet us at the children’s helter skelter.  We arrived and more or less walked up at the same time. 6D97635C-5C9E-40D1-9403-EF1F5C911B19 By this time Theo was starting to get a bit tired, he must have walked a good few miles around the fair.  Even though we had just met Dave and Claire and the kids I said we probably would not be able to stay much longer as Theo was getting tired. 09C630A2-7596-49FD-A262-8A38D46A66BB We walked around for about anther half an hour while the girls went on some of the adrenaline fuelled rides.  Kids are crazy at fair, well teenagers they want to go on the biggest, the tallest and the fastest ride there is.  Just like us when we were their age.  Now it take going to Disneyworld to get me and Chris on this kind of ride.  The final ride of the night for Theo was the biggest fun house on the fair.  I suggested it might be a bit big for him and he burst into tears.  Granny I am four now I am not a baby he said!  Ok if Aleesha and Ebony will take you on you can go but you must hold hands all the way around.  Ok granny I promise.  Slightly worried I let them all go.  2D8F4BF1-0664-4CD9-A787-641B42C84E52He went on the fun house, held the girls hands and came off safe and sound.  Phew! We left Dave, Claire and the girls walked back up Walton Street without forgetting to buy an Owlet balloon for Theo.  You have never seen a child look so happy as Theo looked when the man handed him that balloon.  About a half hour later we were back home.  0A93A267-143D-410D-AC61-B188D3B0589EI would usually say into the warm but this year was a weird year for fair weather.  We have a saying in Hull ‘here comes fair weather’ as every year for as long as we can remember it has turned colder, rained and blown a gale all on the week the fair comes to town.  Not this year, when we left home for the fair it was 24 degrees centigrade and when we returned it was 21 degrees centigrade.  Chris and I have never experienced this weather on fair week in our lifetimes!! So all in all time spent with the family at ‘Hull Fair’ was time well spent.  Just another reason I love being me.

Thanks for reading and come back soon for more tales of love, life, family and our travels.

Love always The Go To Girls Blog xxx

Travels of a Tiger…….

This will probably be the easiest blog posts I have ever written as it is about one of my favourite people in the whole world.  Can you guess who? Chris, my husband.img_20180801_165548-12441276834321273054.jpg

For some time now Chris has been venturing into the realm of social media, you would not think a few years ago he did not even know how to turn a computer on.  He started his own YouTube channel Travels of a Tiger.  The name was an easy choice as he is a massive Hull City Football Club and we have been doing a bit of travelling over the last ten years or so. Hence the name was almost wrote for him Travels of a Tiger.

He travels quite a bit as a driver around the UK (Mainly the Northern half of the UK)  and for his own safety bought a dashcam.  Driving for a living Chris comes across a wide variety of people causing risk to life and limb and has even been involved in quite a serious accident  with a girl racer on a tight country lane.


This girl would of died if it had not been for Chris’s quick reactions and experience.  This crash was one of the contributing factors of him getting a dashcam in the first place.


Keeping a record of these things led ultimately to him opening his YouTube channel Travels of a Tiger.  This allowed him to  show the world how dangerous some peoples actions on the road are no matter how seemingly small.  He began simply by recording day by day life on the road and then uploading them to Travels of a Tiger.  He sees all sorts of drivers on his travels including red light jumpers and near misses.  He began grouping the videos together by category to make the videos longer for YouTube.img-20180925-wa00031298881838315794740.jpg

He also began using his social media channels, Twitter @hullbornnbred & Instagram @hullbornnbred to spread the word about his YouTube channel.  For a while he just got likes and the odd retweet, slowly he has been building his own internet brand as we all do.  As we live in Hull we have a local paper called The Hull Daily Mail which has recently changed its online paper to @hulllive and Chris occasionally sends them pictures of traffic jams etc. as they are happening.  He had a few pictures used in @Hulllive news articles.  Credit for them allowed him to increase the flow of traffic to all of his media channel, which is always a good thing.

A couple of days ago Chris received a follow request on Twitter from @Sophiekitching who is  working @Hulllive asking for him to follow her so she can direct message him regarding one of his videos.  He did as she asked and what happened next was another little step in his journey onto building his own brand.  She liked the video he made of him stuck in a country lane with a tractor.  He had to use all his skills as a driver to navigate passed this tractor and recorded his self doing it on his dash cam.  Sophie said people are interested in this kind of video and would he do an interview for @Hulllive.img-20180925-wa00061526044539890113683.jpg

Wow, we can’t believe it from Twitter to YouTube to @Hulllive and it really helped bring traffic to his sites as the views at Travels of a Tiger.img-20180925-wa0004148607568996687562.jpg

You can click the link below to read the article published on @Hulllive.


Nail-biting moment HGV and tractor squeeze through gap in road

As you can imagine I am so proud of him, he is really working hard to make a name for himself.  I hope you will all support him in his efforts to get his channels out there and be as supportive as his family has been.  Subscribe to Travels of a Tiger – Like his videos, tell him, Its just a click on a button. Thank You.

Another reason I love being me

Thanks for reading, please come back again to #thegotogirlsblog for more tales of love, life, family and travel.

Love always The Go To Girls Blog xxx


Our Grandson Theo….. A Policeman!?

This story started as I was sat in FeMale Ego, the hair and beauty salon our daughter works in. We were talking about our upcoming trip to Amsterdam and she was telling me about a Veterans Fair on at a park in the city and she told me she was going to take Theo to it as he was obsessed with the Police. He has two police stations and a multitude of emergency service vehicles in his collection. He has been collecting them since he was old enough to recognize them.

Anyway back to the salon, I was having my hair done by my very talented daughter and told her what we were going to be doing in Amsterdam. We had booked the trip for our ten year wedding anniversary. She asked what the date was and it was then she realized the Veterans Fair was today and not next week as she thought. We had Theo for a couple of days as the week we are in Amsterdam we could not have him. As you may know, there are only two reasons we do not have Theo every week for at least a night if one of us is sick or we are on holiday. The latter was the reason in this case.

As Louise could not take Theo and she did not want him to miss out, she asked if we would take him. Of course, we said yes, we did not want him to miss out and it sounded like fun. It was a collection of emergency services and the Army. They were going to be dressed from various era’s from history and my favorite part there would also be a funfair. One thing you will not know from my blog and I did not know for a long time until I started researching my past was I was originally descended from Irish Showmen.
At least this explains why i love the funfairs so much LOL! Maybe a topic for another blog in the future? So Chris and Theo picked me up from the salon and off we went. East Park was the venue which is on the other side of Hull to where we live but in kilometres not that far. We got parked up and walked over to the park. img_20180728_1141374034606439021597269.jpgTheo spotted the Police cars as soon as they came into sight. Can we go there granny? This was totally for him so we just followed him around and did everything and anything he wanted. He wanted to go on the police bikes,



then to the Ambulance,




The Coastguard,


Next was the Police car,



He had to try the Police mans outfit on,


the Humber Rescue boat, img-20180728-wa0014-1491268907460733696.jpgThe Riot Police outfit complete with riot shield and truncheon,


The proudest moment since he has been on this world came when he had the opportunity to do the confined space training (guided by the police) He made us so proud and he was definitely the smallest child to do this after all his is only three. He climbed up on the top of the tanker all by himself and waited as the policeman instructed him on what he should do.

He was then lifted down into the tanker on a rope and went through the tanker and down a dark tunnel finally coming out the end with his little ticket. He really enjoyed it and told the policeman at the end of the tunnel he wants to be a policeman when he grows big!!


He posed with the Armed Police img-20180728-wa00161163390621002281687.jpgand then he spotted the funfair and just like me he was obsessed. Can we go for a cookie and go to the funfair please. img-20180728-wa00017590484808895522447.jpgObviously we said yes. He loves cars so the first stop was the merry go round and his choice of transport was the double-decker bus called the Disney Express. img-20180728-wa00171769430575710488021.jpgNext was the Little Wheel, img-20180728-wa00186190795369083057662.jpghe really is just not scared of anything. Finally the last ride on the funfair was the merry go round he spotted Disney Pixar Cars ‘Lightning McQueen’img-20180728-wa0019-14027707225511270004.jpg Just before we left we spotted the Fire Engine which weirdly Theo is not that excited about, but he went for a picture in with Chris and Blaze Bear.

Just for the older fair goers we saw a blast from the past does anyone remember t’the swing boats’img_20180728_1231575383447767801967418.jpg

Also we dont really see these any where but the seaside  img_20180728_124439400234044264069403.jpgDonkeys.

All in all a great day and people wonder why

I love being me?!

Thanks for reading, please come back again for another tale of life, love and travel of thegotogirlsblog.

Love always thegotogirlsblog xxx