Help Me……..

With my head  in my hands,

Tears in my eyes,

The pain is too much to bear,

Who will help me, who will care.


I have been suffering too long,

Want to rip my head off,

Just to get some relief,

Just to get some peace.


The pain is piercing,

Like a needle in my ear,

The pain is constant,

Something I don’t want to feel.


The cold hurts it, the vibration, the noise,

I can’t help it, its out of my control,

I just need someone to hold me,

Just to take the pain away.


A kind face, a comforting word,

A warm pillow,

Anything to calm this pain,

Who can help, who will care.


Pain, pain all I know is pain,

All to lose and nothing to gain,

When will it stop,

Will it just carry on?


Hoping soon it will be gone,

I thought it was solved,

turns out nothings resolved,

Someone HELP ME please.


I can’t take,

This pain anymore,

It’s beyond my control,

That i know for sure!

29 thoughts on “Help Me……..”

      1. That’s in the same group of TAC type headaches and they’re rotten. I always find spring and autumn to be worse, probably because they’re affected by the hypothalamus which is the body’s click and that’s when daylight/time changes occur. I truly sympathise, they are vile.

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  1. As someone who has been through all that life can throw at them, I feel your pain. I cam very close to even taking my life twice. Then I found Someone who endured even more than I – Someone who loved me enough to endure the shame of the Cross for me. Hatefulness is once again all around me and yet my husband and I have an anchor of true Joy and Hope eternally. I discovered that misery is a choice, so is happiness. I pray you will find the Love and Peace I’ve found in Christ, ❤ Life here isn't easy but Joy comes in the morning. You'll always have a friend in me, Blessings and Hope prevail.

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      1. And right back ya, my sweet friend! (Sometimes internet friends become as close than family, don’t they?) What I have found is a wonderful Anchor, my Lord, who sustains me through all of life’s trials now. Over the past twenty-five years, using His Strength, I can reach out with Eternal Hope and help others as well. Joy is anchored forever within my soul. I appreciate you dearly, ❤

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  2. Your words moved me. I hope you will keep looking for relief from pain. I have three conditions that cause me differing levels of pain, some debilitating, I also have a supportive family and have continued to seek help with varying results.

    Keep hope and love close. Deborah

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