Our Grandson Theo….. A Policeman!?

This story started as I was sat in FeMale Ego, the hair and beauty salon our daughter works in. We were talking about our upcoming trip to Amsterdam and she was telling me about a Veterans Fair on at a park in the city and she told me she was going to take Theo to it as he was obsessed with the Police. He has two police stations and a multitude of emergency service vehicles in his collection. He has been collecting them since he was old enough to recognize them.

Anyway back to the salon, I was having my hair done by my very talented daughter and told her what we were going to be doing in Amsterdam. We had booked the trip for our ten year wedding anniversary. She asked what the date was and it was then she realized the Veterans Fair was today and not next week as she thought. We had Theo for a couple of days as the week we are in Amsterdam we could not have him. As you may know, there are only two reasons we do not have Theo every week for at least a night if one of us is sick or we are on holiday. The latter was the reason in this case.

As Louise could not take Theo and she did not want him to miss out, she asked if we would take him. Of course, we said yes, we did not want him to miss out and it sounded like fun. It was a collection of emergency services and the Army. They were going to be dressed from various era’s from history and my favorite part there would also be a funfair. One thing you will not know from my blog and I did not know for a long time until I started researching my past was I was originally descended from Irish Showmen.
At least this explains why i love the funfairs so much LOL! Maybe a topic for another blog in the future? So Chris and Theo picked me up from the salon and off we went. East Park was the venue which is on the other side of Hull to where we live but in kilometres not that far. We got parked up and walked over to the park. img_20180728_1141374034606439021597269.jpgTheo spotted the Police cars as soon as they came into sight. Can we go there granny? This was totally for him so we just followed him around and did everything and anything he wanted. He wanted to go on the police bikes,



then to the Ambulance,




The Coastguard,


Next was the Police car,



He had to try the Police mans outfit on,


the Humber Rescue boat, img-20180728-wa0014-1491268907460733696.jpgThe Riot Police outfit complete with riot shield and truncheon,


The proudest moment since he has been on this world came when he had the opportunity to do the confined space training (guided by the police) He made us so proud and he was definitely the smallest child to do this after all his is only three. He climbed up on the top of the tanker all by himself and waited as the policeman instructed him on what he should do.

He was then lifted down into the tanker on a rope and went through the tanker and down a dark tunnel finally coming out the end with his little ticket. He really enjoyed it and told the policeman at the end of the tunnel he wants to be a policeman when he grows big!!


He posed with the Armed Police img-20180728-wa00161163390621002281687.jpgand then he spotted the funfair and just like me he was obsessed. Can we go for a cookie and go to the funfair please. img-20180728-wa00017590484808895522447.jpgObviously we said yes. He loves cars so the first stop was the merry go round and his choice of transport was the double-decker bus called the Disney Express. img-20180728-wa00171769430575710488021.jpgNext was the Little Wheel, img-20180728-wa00186190795369083057662.jpghe really is just not scared of anything. Finally the last ride on the funfair was the merry go round he spotted Disney Pixar Cars ‘Lightning McQueen’img-20180728-wa0019-14027707225511270004.jpg Just before we left we spotted the Fire Engine which weirdly Theo is not that excited about, but he went for a picture in with Chris and Blaze Bear.

Just for the older fair goers we saw a blast from the past does anyone remember t’the swing boats’img_20180728_1231575383447767801967418.jpg

Also we dont really see these any where but the seaside  img_20180728_124439400234044264069403.jpgDonkeys.

All in all a great day and people wonder why

I love being me?!

Thanks for reading, please come back again for another tale of life, love and travel of thegotogirlsblog.

Love always thegotogirlsblog xxx

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